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Alma and Lynn make love on a home trainer
Alma B, Lynn A

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Alma and Lynn make love on a home trainer
Updated: 27.07.2010

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Sweethearts Special 08

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Sweethearts Special 08

Finally the Sweethearts fitness DVD has arrived: Young girls working out on their machines in the gym... and on their boyfriends and girlfriends! Isabel does that on her own but with the help of a large vibrator. Tess still needs some instructions but her trainer is very eager to help her out... of her clothes that is. And when two girls train together things soon get out of hand and their minds are more on pussies rather than muscles. Angelike likes to do her exercises in front of a mirror while another girl keeps a vibrator hidden, just for those very special moments. Malvina is reminiscing about her holidays en spois her pussy at the same time!
Isabel A, Tess B, Alma B, Lynn A, Angelika, Inge D, Grace A, Ella B, Giselle, Malvina